I have been working in theatres ever since I can remember. The first credit to ever go on my resume was playing Rapunzel in a production during my 6th grade year. When I first began to work on theatre beyond High School was my junior year at New Kent High School when I was given the opportunity to begin interning for Firehouse Theatre in Richmond, Virginia. I did this to get more experience in the community, but to also learn how to be a stage manager as this was an unknown thing at my school. 


I am now currently a Junior attending VCU majoring in theatre with a concentration in Stage Management. My expected graduation is Spring of 2021. 


Roles that I typically play in the theatre are as follows:

  • Stage Manager 

  • Assistant Stage Manager 

  • Production Assistant 

  • Run Crew

  • Board Op

  • Spot Op 

  • Actress (SOMETIMES)

  • Marketing (Including, but not limited to photography and videography) 


Why do I do it?

I first started being a stage manager in High School because I was beginning to think about my future and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. In my thinking I made the decision that I did not want to continue to act like I had been doing years prior. I wanted to try to use my organizational and directorial skills to try my hand at Stage Management. When I first started, I knew being a stage manager was for me as I had all of the qualities to do it. I love being a stage manager because I have the ability to ensure a smooth, organized, process for all those involved. Im able to try my best to provide for the actors, director, and team to ensure our individual and group success. I love the performing arts and I love story telling to it is so special for me to be able to watch the piece of work go from the ground up and to be there for the process from start to finish. I love having trust in the collaborators that I work with them having ultimate trust in me that I ultimately will get the job done. 

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